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Tuesday 08/08/2000 7:10:54pm
Thank-you so much for the excellent weekend and your outstanding hospitality. We look forward to seeing you again next year for the Murphy Family Camping Trip 2001.
The Murphy Clan
PS. Grandma can't wait to come back
# 7 - Rhonda Murphy 02/29/2012 - From: Mackenzie B.C.
Monday 07/24/2000 11:04:39am
Wayne and Corrine,
I had a great time. Lady and Tramp really kept me on my feet. The fishing was great and so was the quiet surroundings. We finally made it home, but we will never forget your hospitality. I hope that I might get to see you again one day. I know it will probably be a while, but I will come back. Hope to talk to you soon.
# 6 - Vicki Takach 02/29/2012 - From: Tallahassee, Florida
Tuesday 07/11/2000 3:31:18pm
Wayne & Corinne- We just arrived home. From Florida to Alaska, the highlight of our trip was the time we were at Finger Lake. The fishing was great, You and Corinne were a pleasure to be with (like Family). I only wish we could have stayed longer. We have some great pictures of Egor(The bald eagle) Again thank-you and maybe we can do it again in the future.
Bruce, Bertha & Vicki
# 5 - Bruce, Bertha & Vicki Takach 02/29/2012 - From: Tallahassee, Florida
Sunday 05/21/2000 4:09:58pm
We just arrived home from a wonderful relaxing weekend at your lodge. Cabins were cozy and well equipped. Fellow campers were friendly and quiet. Jenn enjoyed her kyak ride down the creek where she encountered a wide range of birdlife. Our dog Gibson had too much fun and is now sleeping on the living room floor. Thanks for a great escape!Bruce and Jenn.
# 4 - Bruce/Jennifer Little 02/29/2012 - From: Prince Goerge
Friday 04/21/2000 1:52:32pm
For those of you who enjoy the natural outdoor activities, this affordable resort is worth a visit. For our family it is the 2nd consecutive year that we have found ourselves settled comfortably within the rustic log walls of Cabin 1 "The Wolf Den", 30-40 feet from the beautiful blue lake. The quiet is calming, broken occasionally by the haunting cry of the loons in one of the many bays that make up the lake. Ducks visit often, the white tips of their bottoms showing as they enjoy the underwater delicacies that
suit their palate. The morning mist that encompasses the lake like a gossamer blanket evaporates quickly as the September sun climbs high in the azure sky. It makes you long to immerse yourself in its cool waters. The cow moose and her calf make their appearance at the edge of the west end of the lake several mornings and the fellows gather round enjoying the scene and wishing some big bull would
wander by too.

Evenings are not to be outdone by the clear crisp air of the daytime as the sun settles down for the night; . . . it is like someone pulls back the stage curtains and the stars take over the darkened dias of the sky. Illuminating a sky where there is no artificial lights from manmade cities,
it feels like you could just reach out and touch them. Then, the main actor for which the North is famous for takes to the stage and the green pulsating, undulating lights of the North take over and fill the sky with
their breathtaking performance-----never the same---always original. Almost like stars worshiping the creator it fills your heart with praise for the mighty God who could orchestrate all that we enjoy.

After the evening performance we stoke up the wood stoves cranking out the warmth for the rustic abode and crawl between the covers for a refreshing nights sleep where no sirens or neighbors parties can disturb us.
Wouldn't life be beautiful if everyday was like the one we just experienced...........yet it is the contrasts in life that teach us appreciation for the return to simplicity that is what this resort is all about.

It takes us about 12 hours of travel to reach this resort. The roads are pavement except the last 1 hour of the trip where a well maintained logging road is your path. The resort is run by a very friendly couple Wayne and
Corinne Koftinoff and their 2 companions Blue and the Tramp. They will welcome you and share their experiences yet give you your space to relax because that is why they bought the resort in the first place. Bring your own bedding, towels and food and the rest is provided with the cabin.

There are 11 campsites and 4 cabins that accommodate 2-6 people each. There is a horseshoe pit, bocce game, swingset and lots of room for the younger members of the family. Boat launching is provided with the
accommodation although there are canoes, boats, and belly-boats for rent as well. Free hot showers and fire wood are provided. Each year brings new changes and improvements and we look forward to see what next year will bring to this rustic resort.

# 3 - The Drake Family 02/29/2012 - From: Abbotsford, BC
Tuesday 03/07/2000 11:13:34pm
You run a fine establishment Wayne. I would like to thank you for the sights, sounds, relaxation, and of course the FISHING. Finger Lake Resort is in one of the most beautiful areas in B.C.

Thank you for this little piece of heaven.
# 2 - Tony Reynolds 02/29/2012 - From: Vancouver,
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